Based on Fb, iPhone customers should comply with the monitoring of particulars with the intention to hold apps free

Apple started rolling out its iOS 14.5 update late last month. The latest version of iOS not only includes some new emoji and a fix for face ID scans when wearing face covering, but also new privacy regulations. Apple will now force all developers to ask permission if they want to share information from iPhone owners with advertisers or other websites.

This has caused a serious headache for a number of developers, including Facebook, which operates one of the largest advertising networks in the world. Small businesses use Facebook-collected advertising categories – based on your age, gender, location history while walking around with your iPhone, and more – to ensure their ads are seen based on their key demographics, for example.

In order to continue as usual after updating to iOS 14.5, iPhone owners must agree to this tracking. While some apps use a small pop-up window similar to the one that requests permission to use location data (another privacy requirement enforced by Apple), Facebook is full-screen explaining why it needs permission to use personal information with its advertisements to share partners and other services online.

In a blog post, Facebook described the explanation in full screen mode as an “education screen”. It will show up in Facebook, Messenger and Instagram after users install iOS 14.5 on their iPhone and are ready to use.

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The Facebook app portfolio not only makes it possible to “serve more personalized ads” and “support companies that rely on ads to reach their customers”, but also promises that consent to tracking ensures that Facebook, Messenger and Instagram remain “free”. Facebook uses advertising to pay for the maintenance of its social media apps Messenger, Instagram and Facebook.

While it’s true that if this advertising is less effective – by restricting Facebook’s access to your personal information – and thus generating less revenue for Facebook, the California giant could be forced to charge for its products, it is important to remember that some would prefer to see this business model. After all, a number of successful apps on the App Store have grown from charging to access the product – not using personal information collected from users to sell to advertisers or targeted advertisements.

On its blog post, Facebook states, “Since Apple has stated that providing additional context is allowed, an education screen will appear before Apple prompts them to help users make an informed decision about how their information will be used to meet.

It contains more information on how we use data for personalized ads and how we limit the use of activities that other apps and websites send us if users do not enable this device setting. Our screen also informs users that they are Use data. ” Due to Apple’s requirements for iOS 14.5, Apple’s prompt appears. “

If you haven’t updated your iPhone yet, iOS 14.5 is now available. Go to Settings> General> Software update to start the installation process.

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