Banana Republic has re-released the 2012 Infamous Necklace in honor of the RBG

Just in time for the historic victory of elected Vice President Kamala Harris for Women Around the World, Banana Republic has re-released its Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired Notorious Necklace 2012 ($ 98). Often referred to as the notorious RBG, Justice Ginsburg knew how to outfit accessories and was known for adding statement collars to those drab judge gowns. These collars weren’t just accessories: Justice Ginsburg’s collars often signaled their approval or disapproval in court decisions.

In 2012, Justice Ginsburg received the Banana Republic collar as a gift after he was named one of them shine Women of the Year 2012 in the magazine. She famously wore the necklace in a Supreme Court appearance the day after Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. In a 2012 interview with Katie Couric, Justice Ginsburg highlighted the necklace as her “dissimilar choker.” … It looks fitting for dissent. ”

Banana Republic has republished the track and fans can’t get enough! It costs $ 98 and is currently lagging behind. Order now to get it by mid-December in time for the holidays. What’s even better is that 100 percent of the proceeds from the infamous necklace go to the International Center for Women’s Studies.

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