AURIC Cosmetics by Samantha Ravndahl begins in January 2021

Release date + information about the start

There is an old saying, “GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT”, which means that value is determined by each person individually. Gold is found for us when we lift each other up and work together. We believe in accepting, encouraging, and promoting all different versions of beauty. This is how we grow (and prosper) artistically and creatively.

The official definition of AURIC is: derived from gold. But we believe that AURIC really means GOLDEN TOGETHER.

We aim to be mindful in delivering art quality products. As a new brand, it is our responsibility to be aware of your health and the wellbeing of the earth. We make sure that our products are thoroughly tested and approved for safety and strive to use as many recyclable materials as possible. We promise to always think of you AND Mother Earth when we develop new products.

1/26, 9 a.m. PT

Products in the launch

Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer45.00 USD (permanent)

For those who want luminosity. This adjustable, art-quality formula is filled with ultra-fine pearl and a skin-loving blend of squalane, glycerin and propanediol, giving you instant radiance and moisture. It can be worn on its own, mixed with your favorite skin care product, or used as a highlighter on top of the foundation.

  • Morganite Light cool beige
  • Selenite Light warm / neutral beige
  • Pyrite Medium olive
  • Citrine Medium warm
  • Goldstein Medium / deep warm
  • Axinite Deep neutral
  • Tourmaline Deep neutral / cool

Smoke reflecting eye shadow duo$ 39.00 (permanent)

A smokeshow in a glass. With these eye-catching shadow duos, heads turn. Create creamy-matt or metallic-glittering looks with two luxurious formulas (in a single beautiful package). Under the top lid there is a light-reflecting eye shadow with microglitter and high-gloss pearls. There is a smooth, long-lasting, chalk-free cream shadow in the glass.

  • In spite of bronze
  • ego silver
  • temperament Rose gold
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