At the very least 7 celebrities try to make this scary development a factor

Ready for the scariest trend of the year? (I say the scariest because, quite frankly, I feel the cold running down my spine when I imagine I’m trying to pull this trend off.) We introduced you to the return of neon clothing last summer, and the bright ones Hues have only continued to gain traction.Some of our most die-hard editors who only wear black are finally warming up to the highlighter hues.

So if you thought you saw the latest neon trend, you might want to cover your eyes for what I’m about to say next. Not only is neon still relevant in the fashion industry, celebrities are also completely increasing the performance. Ashley Graham, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid all wore electrifying neon green outfits, which confirms that this trend is definitely a thing. They also barely dip their toes in the paint. Chanel Iman wore a color-coordinated mini dress and coordinated her look with matching heels. Bieber also opted for a neon green tracksuit from head to toe.

Read on to see for yourself how celebs are bringing the neon trend to level 10, and if that’s what you’re into, shop for neon pieces below.

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