Ashley Benson wore the boat development that’s subsequent up

Ashley Benson is currently in NYC looking very chic in outfits that she could surely overtake as a resident of the city who never sleeps (check out her Instagram for more evidence). But there is one outfit in particular that I want to talk about – a shoe trend in particular.

At first glance, when you look at her outfit, you probably see the great coat, but even more groundbreaking (at least in my opinion) are her boots. You probably know by now that studded chelsea boots, riding boots, and square toe boots are the top boot trends this fall, but you might be wondering what’s next, what’s even fresher … the answer lies with Ashley Benson’s outfit.

As a fashion editor, I shop a lot so I usually know when a trend is emerging based in part on what I see in the market. One of those things is thigh-high boots, just what Benson was wearing with her black mini dress and coat. Their cool tread-soled boots are from Stuart Weitzman, and there are a lot more options to choose from. Keep scrolling to buy the best before all of your friends do.

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