As a vogue editor, I believe these 22 purchases below $ 70 have sell-off potential

Think of it as a by-product of my work as a fashion editor, but over the years I’ve developed a pretty good sense of whether something is sold out. If you haven’t been able to figure it out just yet, there are a couple of things I can usually find out: Sometimes the brand is in such incredible demand that it all sells like hot cakes or cases where the pieces are so for the price are good, not everyone can stop talking about it. The next finds, which I say won’t be on the shelf for long, belong to none other than our in-house collection from Target.

I’ve been able to try on a number of pieces from the last fall drop and believe me, there is some serious sell-off potential. For one thing, the knitwear is lush and, most importantly, warm – to the point where I never want to take it off, even when doing work around the house. The outerwear and synthetic leather parts also look deceptively expensive as they have replaced some of my designer versions as my everyday items. Basically, this drop has what it takes to be a collection that will sell out so I thought I’d share the secret before it’s gone. Oh, and anything below that is under $ 70, too. Keep scrolling to get a head start on everyone else.

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