Ariana Grande wore a micro mini gown with the very best heel we’ve ever seen


Ariana Grande is a woman of many talents, from hitting whistles to writing songs that literally anyone can hop to. * Plays “positions” on repetition. * Another of her rather underrated talents is walking – not to mention singing and dancing – in paragraphs that any normal person would break their ankle in. Their newest couple, however, are arguably the “7 Rings” singers most impressive to date.

Last week when Grande was filming an episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she wore a pair of pink and white glittering plateaus that had to be at least seven inches tall. The heels, fastened with ankle straps adorned with the designer’s logo, GCDS, debuted for the first time at the brand’s Spring 22 catwalk show in Milan. She also wore a custom-made, seashell-inspired mini dress with a separate strapless bra top and corset waist, an oversized blazer, and a choker with a pink pear and diamond pendant. Try to imagine a better look – we’ll wait.

Keep scrolling to see the entire look of Grande and maybe try out a pair of sky-high heels for yourself.

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