Are you having issues with Fb Darkish Mode on iOS? Here is easy methods to repair a brand new bug

Facebook users may have a sinking sense of deja vu this week. Towards the beginning of the month, Facebook fans on Android suddenly saw the app’s dark mode feature disappear before fixing the problem without confirmation from Facebook. And that Gremlin has popped up again this week, this time for both Android and iOS.

However, the recent problem seems to be far more prevalent, with Google seeing a huge surge in Facebook searches in dark mode.

As the problem got confused on Wednesday, Facebook users took to Twitter to report that Dark Mode was suddenly disappearing from their app.

One tweeted, “Where’s my dark mode @Facebook?”

While another wrote: “Dark mode has disappeared from the iOS Facebook app. My eyes … MY EYES !!”

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One added, “Facebook’s dark mode seems to be gone. Blinding white screen.”


After a few hours of offline, Facebook confirmed that Dark Mode on Android was operational again.

Speaking to Tom’s Guide, a representative of the social networking giant said: “We have restored service for those who have had a technical problem that has resulted in some users having trouble accessing certain functions of the Facebook Android To access the app. “

However, there have been some persistent reports that Dark Mode is still not showing up for Facebook iOS users.

If you are still affected by the problem, Techradar has come up with a solution.

First, uninstall the Facebook iOS app and then download it again from the Apple App Store.

If that doesn’t fix the problem and you still can’t access Dark Mode on your iPhone, then you need to force the app.

To do this, slide your finger slightly upwards from the bottom of the screen with the app open and then release it.

Then swipe up on the app to make it disappear from your screen.

You then need to go to your iPhone settings and go to the app section.

Choose Facebook and make sure “Upload HD Video” and “Upload HD Photos” are checked.

These may not be the obvious settings that need to be enabled in order to fix the problem. However, according to reports, the problem has been fixed on the iPhone.

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