Are you having bother shopping for Sky Glass? Gross sales of all-in-one 4K televisions even “stunned” Sky itself


Sky is “surprised and happy” with demand for its brand new Sky Glass before Christmas, said Chief Product Officer Fraser Stirling. Sky Glass was announced back in October and has been difficult to buy in the weeks that have come. Customers who want to buy this popular QLED TV have to put themselves on a waiting list. Sky promises to contact you if available. Unlike Sky Q, which has been available since early 2016, you can’t just add Sky Glass to your online shopping cart on the Sky website … for the satellite television company. This bespoke QLED TV has a sound system, hands-free voice control and will support video calls in the future. It’s also the first Sky product that doesn’t require a satellite dish on the outside of your home – everything is streamed over a Wi-Fi connection so you only need to plug a single power cord into Sky Glass and everything is up and running.

Sky Glass wasn’t just designed to reduce the clutter on your media device. The same philosophy permeates the experience when you turn on the television. With hundreds of live channels available and a dizzying number of new releases arriving every week – not to mention the huge catalog of on-demand box sets and movies vying for your attention, finding something new can be a daunting task to be found for viewing.

The combination of series, movies and sports from Sky, Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and Apple TV + … Sky Glass was designed to create order. The QLED TV analyzes your viewing history to make intelligent suggestions based on your tastes, which are updated up to six times a day in the main menu. What’s more, Sky Glass can also automatically present a slideshow of high-resolution artwork from the shows, movies, and events it believes will appeal to you (and everyone else in the household using the same TV) when you enter the room and Glass recognizes a presence. Picking up the controller will take you to the content that was on the screen when you decided to grab the remote control.

In an interview with Sky News, Chief Product Officer Fraser Stirling spoke about the mindset behind the all-in-one television: “How we really think about Sky Glass – and why it is really different, globally something different, there is no other product like it right now – is because we think of it as one huge catalog.

“There’s a catalog that has information about Live [programming], On demand, things you can include, things that are in the app, things that are in other apps, and all of that is in one huge catalog. If I look for Bruce Willis movies, which I do all the time, especially this time of year, you will see all of the Bruce Willis movies, but that’s from everywhere, from Amazon, from Cinema, from Netflix, from Disney, all of them them, in one place. And that’s because it’s in the catalog. “

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Fraser Stirling recalls his father confessing that he had to rely on Google search to find out which streaming service was hosting a particular show. Aside from exclusive shows, syndicated shows and movies often drift between on-demand providers – for example, Christmas movies that were included as part of your Netflix last year are now only available to those who subscribe to Amazon’s Prime Video.

The universal search built into Sky Glass is designed to prevent everyone from having to open Google to find the channel or streaming service hosting a particular show. Of course, you need to have subscriptions and accounts for every streaming service you want to watch on Sky Glass, but the all-in-one TV can have catalogs from BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Netflix, Disney +, ITV Hub, All4, Spotify Browse, YouTube, Apple TV +, and Peloton.

If you don’t feel like entering the search query, Sky Glass supports voice search, either through the far-field microphone array (you need to use the “Hello, Sky” wake-up phrase to let the TV know that you are about to go) Issuing a command) or via the microphone button integrated in the remote control.

Shows from a variety of streaming services can be added to the playlist, which replaces the Recordings section on the Sky Q-Box. This brings together everything you want to see, with Series Link adding new episodes in an ongoing series as they air. ONE + Button on the remote control replaces the R symbol that was used to trigger a recording on every Sky box since the original Sky + box 20 years ago.

To anyone desperately trying to get their hands on Sky Glass, it’s no surprise that the company behind the 4K all-in-one television is “happy” with the sales. Since its inception, Sky Glass cannot be added to your shopping cart in the online Sky Shop. Instead, customers who want to watch on this neatly organized television have to register their details, with Sky pledging to get back in touch with you when it’s your turn in the queue.

“Sky Glass is currently very much in demand,” explains the online order page. “Register today and we’ll send out your purchase invitation as soon as possible.”

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