Are YOU certainly one of two million individuals who can declare a Google Payout? Do not be too excited

However, that number was based on only 450,000 people who joined the class action lawsuit. Those eligible for the withdrawal will receive the funds through PayPal or a digital check.

For full details of the lawsuit, visit

The website sums up the litigation: “From June 2011 to April 2019, Google operated the Google+ consumer social media platform for certain Google+ profile field information inadvertently.

Plaintiffs Matthew Matic, Zak Harris, Charles Olson and Eileen M. Pinkowski then filed this lawsuit to assert various legal claims on behalf of an alleged group of Google+ users allegedly harmed by the software bugs (“Class “). Google denies the plaintiffs’, denies any wrongdoing and liability, and believes that no class plaintiffs, including the plaintiffs, suffered any damage or injury as a result of the software bugs.”

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