Apple will use Tesla Megapack batteries in its photo voltaic park

Apple’s new California Flats solar park

Courtesy of Apple

Apple will use Tesla’s Megapack in its new battery-based storage for renewable energy, smartphone maker CNBC confirmed on Thursday.

Apple announced the construction of a battery-based solar storage system in California on Wednesday. The company said the facility can store 240 megawatt hours of energy, enough to power more than 7,000 homes for a day. The setup will include 85 megapack battery storage systems from Tesla, which were first announced in 2019. The energy is used to power the company’s headquarters.

Known for its electric vehicles, Tesla has expanded its solar business in recent years.

The company got into the solar business in 2016 when it acquired SolarCity for $ 2.6 billion. However, the solar segment is still not breaking out on its own. According to the financial report at the end of the year, “energy generation and storage” represented 6% of the company’s total sales in 2020, but increased by 30% from 2019 onwards.

The Verge first covered the connection between the two technology giants, citing records made by the Monterey County Regulatory Agency.

Tesla didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

– CNBC’s Lora Kolodny contributed to this report.

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