Apple vs Samsung: The Solely Large Cause You are Nonetheless Higher Off Shopping for an iPhone

Apple and Samsung remain two of the most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world. Both have had huge hits over the past six months, with the iPhone 12 and the latest Galaxy S21 proving to be big hits with their loyal fan base. These devices are equipped with market-leading cameras, faster processors and full access to the latest 5G data speeds, so they can stream and download files at speeds in excess of 300Mbps.

Samsung has also added a fast display with a refresh rate of 120Hz to its S21, while Apple tucked its more efficient MagSafe charging into the back case of its iPhone 12. After reviewing both devices, each has its advantages, but it seems like there is a big reason smartphone fans could still be better off buying an iPhone.

According to new research from U.S. trade-in website, the Galaxy S21 has seen some pretty shocking devaluation rates since its launch in January.

In fact, the company says all variants of the S21 lost nearly 50 percent of their value in just a few months.

That said, if you’ve splashed $ 1,599 on the top of the S21 Ultra range with 512GB, it’s only worth $ 747 on SellCell’s trade-in page … ouch!

The same applies to the standard S21, which is now 50.8 percent less than its original retail price.

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Apple owners who want to update their device are mostly sticking with the Apple brand. With that in mind, pre-owned iPhone 12 phones are in high demand, which means they keep their value as consumers are happy to pay a premium for a refurbished or used iPhone 12 as well.

On the flip side, not only are Samsung owners showing less brand loyalty, but 26 percent of them are happy to consider jumping on an Apple device when they’re done with their Android phone.

This has two effects. It will decrease and decrease the demand for Samsung phones while also increasing Apple’s demand even further, thereby slowing the rate of depreciation of the iPhone 12.

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