Apple reveals new iPhone options as iOS 14.5 will get nearer to a launch

It’s no secret that your iPhone is about to receive a major and pretty exciting update. iOS 14.5 is already in the hands of the developer community with this beta version, including a number of upgrades that aim to further improve the user experience. Now Apple has released a new version of this software, and that could mean we’ll be home right now before it’s available for iPhones around the world.

The latest beta version of iOS 14.5 comes with tons of bonus extras, with the biggest changes being made to the popular emojis we all love to send.

Apple says it is bringing skin tone variations for kissing couples and couples with hearts that can be customized for gender-neutral couples, two men, two women, and couples of women and men. There are also new emojis for Heart On Fire, Heal Heart, Bearded Woman, Bearded Person, Exhale Face, Face in Clouds, and Face with Spiral Eyes.

In addition to these completely new emojis, there are also updates for several existing ones. That includes the headphones, which now take on the design of the recently released AirPods Max, a redesigned syringe, and the people who climb, women climb, and men climb will all now be wearing helmets.

To do this, Apple continues to use the Face ID system, but uses a mask to verify that you are wearing a mask. This will get your thumbs up to go back to that Apple Watch method.

Along with this fix, there is also the option to switch your default music player so that your iPhone doesn’t automatically assume you’re an Apple Music fan. There is also the option of preventing apps from tracking you using what is known as app tracking transparency.

In the Settings menu, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV users can see exactly which apps have requested permission to track and simply turn them off.

Finally, it seems that you will soon be able to use your new PS5 or Xbox Series X controllers to play games on your iPhone, with support for these accessories being available in iOS 14.5.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give any indication of when this upgrade will officially be released, but with a new version that now includes beta testers, it could take a few weeks.

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