Apple confirms the iPadOS launch date, but it surely’s unhealthy information for the iOS 14.5 replace

The credits have just arrived at Apple’s first showcase event of the year. Under the slogan “Spring Loaded,” the company announced a new iPad Pro that is just as powerful as its latest MacBook Pro, a redesigned iMac with half a dozen new colors and an improved camera and microphone for video calls, a new color for The iPhone 12 series, a small upgrade for Apple TV, and the long-awaited AirTags that iPhone owners can use to pinpoint the location of lost keys and wallets in the Find My app on iOS.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the highly anticipated iOS 14.5 update. Some had predicted that the “Spring Loaded” event would trigger the launch of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. Unfortunately, during its 60-minute presentation recorded at its Cupertino, California headquarters, Apple did not confirm when the latest software updates would be available to avid customers. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t know when the new updates will come …

In the minutes following the event, Apple confirmed the release of iPadOS 14.5. The release date can be found in the press release for the new iPad Pro model below. It reads: “iPadOS 14.5, which will be available to iPad customers next week, includes new additions, including expanded language support for Apple Pencil features such as Scribble and Smart Selection, new emoji, support for the latest gaming controllers and the Share lyrics with Apple Music and watch top songs in cities around the world. “

The redesigned iPad Pro ships immediately with iPadOS 14.5. It can be pre-ordered from April 30th. Availability in the coming weeks depends on your region.

But what about iOS 14.5? Well, unfortunately the good news ends here.

Apple didn’t include a similar announcement for the much-anticipated iOS upgrade in its press release on the new purple hue for the iPhone 12 series. This tidbit was also not included in any of the other press releases from the jam-packed “Spring Loaded” event.

It has been confirmed that anyone who buys the new iPhone 12 model will find the smartphone with iOS 14.5 right away. This suggests that the new version of the operating system can be installed well before April 30, 2021, when the iPhone 12 in purple starts shipping through doors and store shelves worldwide.

iOS 14.5 is an important update. In addition to all of the usual performance and stability improvements, Apple added a new feature that makes the Face ID facial recognition system work even when you’re wearing face covering. In the UK and a number of countries around the world, everyone is required to wear face covering inside – in a supermarket, hairdresser and more. While face coverings are helpful in reducing the spread of coronavirus, they don’t help with facial recognition found on iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and the iPad Pro range. It scans your face to authenticate contactless payments, unlock the handset and open secure apps like mobile banking.

With iOS 14.5, Apple Face ID allows you to unlock your smartphone if a face covering is blocking the scan. To do this without making your iPhone less secure, Apple looks for an unlocked Apple Watch in close proximity. If your Apple Watch is found to be close enough to your wrist, unlocked, and signed in with the same Apple ID account, Face ID is working.

That means you can check your bank balance before paying with a card, reply to WhatsApp texts and check a shopping list on your iPhone without having to resort to a PIN code to unlock your smartphone every time.

An expanded Apple Podcasts app with redesigned show and episode pages is also available in iOS 14.5 as well as in the brand new Emoji.

In addition, Siri no longer has a standard voice and offers more diverse language options in English. This latest software update builds on the version of iOS 14, which brought a major update to the Home Screen with beautifully redesigned widgets and app library, new ways to use apps with app clips, and powerful news updates.

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