Anya Taylor-Pleasure’s $ 12 procuring bag speaks to my literal soul

When Anya Taylor-Joy prepares for her Saturday night live Debut, she’s keeping a few things close: her rumored friend Malcolm McRae and her trusty $ 12 book bag. The Queen’s Gambit The actress has been spotted in between rehearsals for the sketch comedy show in NYC for the past few days, and her Shakespeare and Company bag is the accessory that will always stay with her.

Anya carried her bag twice, once in a gray blazer over a black mini dress and again in a black jacket over a burnt orange top and a plaid pleated skirt. The bag came from an independent store in Paris, and although Anya’s exact version is sold out, you can still get a similar bag in blue instead of red. The choices seem even more telling given book-to-screen projects Anya has participated in over the past few years, like Netflix’s Beth Harmon Queen’s Gambit Series or the title role in the latest Emma Adaptation. See how Anya styles her book bag in the photos.

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