Anxious about sky-high power costs? Samsung is introducing a free solution to decrease your payments

It’s no secret that gas and electricity prices are currently skyrocketing as consumers face sky-high costs to heat their homes at the start of winter, increasing by £ 139 from £ 1,138 to £ 1,277. That’s a huge increase, but it seems Samsung has a free way to cut those monthly utility bills.

The Korean tech company has just released an update to its SmartThings apps, and this service can now be linked directly to the smart meter you may have installed in your home.

Most energy providers now offer free smart meters that make the annoying monthly submission of measured values ​​superfluous.

If you have one, you can now link it to the Samsung app so you can have instant access to energy data such as daily usage, as well as checking costs and ways to keep track of the monthly budget from your smartphone.

And don’t think that this is limited to Samsung devices only as the app is available to all Android and iPhone users. Samsung also says that once energy prices begin to stabilize, its app will indicate whether cheaper tariffs are available based on households’ actual energy consumption.

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This was made possible through a partnership with the price monitoring company Uswitch.

Introducing this update, Teg Dosanjh, Director of Connected Services and Technology, Samsung UK and Ireland said, “At a time when people have a lack of control over their energy use and have very limited opportunities to reduce rising costs We are pleased to be able to drive the change in the energy sector with the introduction of SmartThings Energy.

“We have worked hard over the past few months with our partners Chameleon Technology and Uswitch to provide a completely free, independent service that takes the guesswork out of managing energy in the home and gives our customers a holistic view of their energy consumption and budgeting capabilities.

“By helping households become more aware of their energy consumption and promoting positive behavior to reduce energy consumption, SmartThings Energy offers a category-defining energy saving service for everyone, regardless of who their energy provider is.”

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