Android smartphones are actually copying Apple’s iPhone 12 by dumping the charger overboard

There have been numerous cases where an Android phone copied a feature that – popular or not – first launched on an iPhone (of course, Apple takes Android inspiration too). Probably the most well-known instance of Apple that triggered an industry-wide change was the decision of the Californian company to delete the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. This decision, almost universally unpopular at the time, led Android phone makers like Google and Samsung to pride themselves on the fact that their phones would keep this veteran port.

However, in the years that followed, almost all Android manufacturers followed suit, and Apple helped pour the charge on wireless headphones that are common today. And it looks like another trend that Apple introduced is now being embraced by Android peers.

With the iPhone 12, Apple bucked a trend that customers have been used to for the past decade, ditching the included charger and wired headphones that were previously used on new phones.

The Cupertino tech giant said this move would be good for the environment as it would reduce packaging waste and carry more phones at once. And it looks like Android smartphones will follow suit on the way to 2021.

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This week, Xiaomi announced its flagship Mi 11, which will be the first Android phone to feature a Snapdragon 888 processor. And as 9to5Google reports, this Xiaomi device is also delivered without an included charger.

The Chinese smartphone giant cited the same reasoning as Apple for this decision and pointed to “environmental protection efforts”. And it looks like Xiaomi won’t be the only Android OEM to choose this bold change.

The Samsung Galaxy S21, which is expected to be officially announced next month, is also expected to eliminate the need for the included charger. Approval applications have revealed that the charging stone will be removed from the Galaxy S21 range, which is expected to hit the market in late January 2021.

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The news marks an unfortunate rise for both Xiaomi and Samsung’s social media teams, who previously poked fun at Apple’s decision to get rid of the charger with the iPhone 12.

Last October, the official Samsung Facebook page published the following: “Your Galaxy gives you what you are looking for. From the simplest charger to the best camera, battery, performance, storage and even the best best 120 Hz screen. “

Around the same time, the Xiaomi Twitter shared a video of a Mi 10T Pro box being opened to reveal a charger. And next to this video, Xiaomi said: “Don’t worry, we didn’t leave anything out of the box with the # Mi10TPro.”

It remains to be seen whether or not other leading smartphone manufacturers like Google and Huawei will also drop the included charger in 2021.

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