Android customers take observe: do not be fooled by this nasty new SMS risk

Although the alarm went off in Australia, FluBot had previously targeted users in Europe as well. Vodafone UK has provided details on how to avoid the fraud.

But don’t panic yet. Unless you clicked one of these links and installed the rogue app, you should be on the safe side. FluBot can only be installed if users have allowed app installs from outside the official Google Play Store.

Cyber ​​security expert Jake Moore said These SMS attacks, also known as “smishing”, are one of the most popular ways for scammers to attack you. This is due to the ease with which it is set up, but also because it can be impossible to find out who sent the text.

“Not only are people less suspicious of receiving text messages, these messages often have an action attached to them to get the unsuspecting victim to click the link without thinking,” he said. “Many people are now aware of the dangers lurking in phishing emails, but fewer people are aware of the threats or even scams in text messages.”

He added some advice for those who want to avoid getting caught up in similar hoaxes: “These messages can be very inviting and often look very believable. Anyone who receives such text messages with links must firstly be on the safe side and secondly spend time studying the URL. There will often be a note in the wording that, when checked, highlights that you are unlikely to get to the real website. If in doubt, I would advise people to look for the URL online and be careful. “

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