And identical to that, we fall in love once more with Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte’s Type Type

With just one glance from day one on the set of the Sex and the City Reboot (also known as And just like that …), Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis rekindled our love for their characters’ iconic on-screen style. When news broke that legendary Patricia Field, who donned the women for the original series, wasn’t going to return to the reboot (she tied up the filming) Emily in Paris) we held our breath and wondered how the new looks would stack up. Then, on Friday morning, we got our response when SJP shared a quick snap from the set on her Instagram that gave us a glimpse of the girls in all their stiletto glory. Now we’re convinced that the second iteration of the popular HBO series will evoke the same kind of outfit envy with a thoughtful evolution of each character’s signature style.

Miranda’s look is a mix of feminine and masculine, with a soft button-down and chic pants. Charlotte’s vibe is an update of her flirtatious retro style from the series in a fitted pencil skirt and off-the-shoulder blouse with a Lady Dior bag in tow. And Carrie, well, Carrie is still Carrie – versatile and confident, like the fashion world it always was. And like after almost every episode of every SATC broadcast, let’s go shopping her look, because we need our own high-waisted gingham skirt and strappy platform heels, just like that.

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