Anatomy of a hoop: all of the names and elements of your engagement ring


The section under the center stone as seen from the side view of a ring. This can either be a completely open area that lights up the profile of the center stone, or it can be adorned with stones, engravings, milgrain, enamel, or all of the above like this stunning Solitaire Squad creation by Emily Gill!


Jewelers must mark or “stamp” their pieces to identify their precious metal composition. Gold jewelry can be labeled 10 kt, 14 kt, or 18 kt depending on the carat weight, and platinum can be labeled platinum, platinum, PT, platinum, or 950. Sterling silver jewelry is marked 925.

Some designers and creators also stamp their pieces with their logo or designer signature to further identify the piece.

Size range

The middle lower part of the ring shaft. Here a jeweler makes size adjustments. Adding metal to enlarge or removing metal to shrink.

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