Amazon needs to resolve your horrible broadband connection

Tonight, Amazon unveiled its latest entry into the popular Eero range, called the Eero Pro 6. The new model, available to order on Amazon tomorrow morning, brings the faster Wi-Fi 6 standard to this handy mesh system, as well as better performance and wider coverage for devices in your home and garden.

In short, for those unfamiliar with the idea of ​​a mesh WiFi system, it replaces the single plastic router sent by your broadband provider with several smaller nodes scattered around the house. Instead of having to deal with the Wi-Fi signal every device coming from the back of a cabinet where you’ve hidden your router, they can connect to a much closer node and, even better, hop between those nodes, because when you move the device to a different location – for example from top to bottom.

All of this happens in the background. In the Settings app on your smartphone, it still looks like you have a single Wi-Fi network. But behind the scenes, the Eero nodes intelligently mix up devices as you move around your house, so you’re always connected to the node that is closest to you for the strongest WiFi signal.

It also means that devices are evenly distributed over the network, so you can connect more devices to the WiFi without losing reliability or speed.

Each Eero 6 Pro node can support more than 75 devices at the same time. When you buy the three-pack from Amazon, you can easily hook up an amazing 225 Wi-Fi connected devices in your home with no hassle.

It’s not just Wi-Fi though, each Eero 6 Pro has two Ethernet ports so you can hardwire an internet connection to a few devices if you have one of the nodes hidden under your desk or behind a media unit in your living room.

In terms of coverage, Amazon claims that a single Eero Pro 6 is capable of spreading WiFi up to 190 square meters. A three-pack is enough to cover up to 560 m², which should be more than enough to extend over a garden, over several floors and more. It’s worth noting that Eero Pro 6 is backward compatible with all previous Eero generations, so you can use these new powerful models to expand an existing Eero network or combine generations of Eero devices to create a custom system.

In other words, if you already own an Eero system, it might be worth buying a single Eero 6 Pro to expand your network and offer faster Wi-Fi speeds in some areas of your network rather than the entire setup to replace.

Amazon says that support for Wi-Fi 6 in the new Pro-Mesh system means it can support faster speeds, offer higher performance, and provide better coverage for simultaneously connected devices than Wi-Fi 5 that was on its predecessor was found. All Eero devices are based on a technology called TrueMesh, which is designed to intelligently route network traffic and reduce congestion, buffering and outages so you can stream 4K content, play games and video conferencing with ease.

The Eero 6 Pro comes with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub, so you don’t have to worry about using a separate bridge for your Philips Hue smart lights or a number of other gadgets that would normally require a separate device to be connected to your WiFi Home router. This should avoid some clutter in your closet. Zigbee is a standard used by Amazon and a number of other smart home manufacturers.

With the special Eero skill for Alexa, you can link your Eero and Amazon accounts and use an Alexa-enabled device or the Alexa app to interrupt the internet for dinner, find your phone, or turn the light on your Eero- Turn off devices at bedtime with a voice command.

Eero Pro 6 costs £ 229 for a single device while the three-pack costs £ 599. If you want Eero to proactively scan your network for malware and have access to the best-selling apps like Password for password management, Malwarebytes for malware protection and for VPN for all your devices – you can get Eero Secure + for. subscribe € 9.99 per month or € 99 for a full year.

The standard non-Pro version of the Eero 6, which also supports Wi-Fi 6 but has no Ethernet ports as well as a few other differences, is still available on Amazon at £ 139 a single, £ 219 for two and £ 279 for the three-pack.

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