Amazon Echo Present 15 assessment: Alexa will get an even bigger display screen and the next value – however is it value it?


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Anyone who wants an Echo with a screen is currently not exactly spoiled for choice. The online retailer has an extensive range of devices packed with displays, including the cutesy Echo Show 5 and the bizarre Echo Show 10, which follows you around the room like an overly excited puppy. Now another new Echo Show is coming, and this time it’s gotten oversized. The Show 15 comes with a huge 15.6-inch Full HD screen and a design made to look like a picture.

The concept is pretty simple as Amazon wants customers to tape this device to their walls and use it as an interactive photo frame. It’s a really neat idea, but does it actually work and is it worth the whopping £240? put the Echo Show 15 through its paces and here’s what we think of it.

Echo Show 15 review:

Right out of the box, Amazon made setup and installation super easy. Turn on the speaker, link it to your Amazon account, and you’ll be barking commands to the ever-helpful Alexa assistant in minutes. It’s so super simple that even the most technophobe shouldn’t have any trouble getting things working.

As mentioned, the Show 15 was designed to stick to your walls with Amazon and includes everything you need to keep it firmly in place.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Echo Show 15 review (Image: AMAZON)

You’ll need some basic DIY skills and a drill to install it, but we found it fairly easy with the included bracket ensuring the screen stays securely in place. One thing to note is that this unit requires mains power so you end up with a cord hanging down under the frame which detracts from the appearance a bit.

Amazon only ships this device with about a meter of cable. So make sure you place the Show 15 close enough to the sockets, otherwise you’ll have to add an extension cord to your basket, which costs around £13.

If you don’t want the Show 15 to be drilled into your freshly painted plasterboard you can also mount it on a stand although this isn’t included and will set you back another £30.

Once everything is set up the Show 15 is quite useful as not only does it do all the usual things like setting timers, showing weather conditions and the day’s news, but you can also fill the large display with a range of widgets, to help guide you through the day.

There are sticky notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, calendars, and Alexa tips. You can also see the day’s weather, current music playlists and quick access to all your favorite smart home gadgets like lightbulbs and thermostats.

Amazon Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 is designed to look like a picture frame (Image: AMAZON)

When you glance at the screen and see all this information, it’s ideal for busy households and should mean no one forgets to walk the dog or buy some milk from the local shop. To make things more personal, the Show 15 can also be switched into a photo frame mode, which will then display all your family albums – a really nice touch.

There are also stunning landscape images preloaded on the show that will surely brighten up a dull corner of your room.

Another great feature of this 15.6 inch screen is that you can watch TV on it thanks to its compatibility with services like Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video. Just ask Alexa to start those services and the display will spring into action and soon be full of things for you to see.

It’s all good, although unfortunately there are still some platforms that don’t work with Echo Show devices, including Disney+ and the BBC’s iPlayer. The Echo Show 15 feels like the first screen that could really take advantage of these hugely popular video players, and the missing content is something Amazon really needs to fix.

That lack of Disney and BBC shows isn’t our only gripe, as there are a few other minor things to note.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Along with wall mounting, you can purchase a stand to place the screen on it (Image: AMAZON)

First, while the screen is bright, colors feel a bit dull and there’s no way to boost contrast or make things punchier.

Then there’s the rather terrible sound. Amazon’s design team placed the speakers on the back of the device, and when mounted on the wall, the audio gets really muffled.

If you’re simply using the Show 15 as a big screen then that’s not a problem, but it’s quite annoying if you’re hoping to listen to music all day or settle down for a blockbuster Netflix binge.

Then there are these useful widgets. All of the pre-installed options are great, but Amazon could definitely integrate more third-party services. The latest action from BBC Sport, access to your Facebook feed or a glance at Google Maps would all be welcome, although we doubt they’ll ever appear on this device.

It would also be nice if you could change the size and shape of the widgets as they are currently on a grid that cannot be adjusted. That means you can’t put a sticky note on everything to remind you of an event or make a shopping list more visible on screen.

It’s a real shame and something the team at Amazon might want to address in future updates.

One last thing that is quite annoying is the screen speed. Swipes and taps seem to stutter constantly and it always feels a step behind your finger. The experience is definitely not as smooth as other Echo devices we’ve used.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Echo Show 15 review (Image: AMAZON)


BENEFITS: Big screen is useful • Easy to set up and install • Alexa remains one of the best assistants
DISADVANTAGE: Very expensive • Sound quality is terrible • Needs more widgets and more ways to customize them • No Disney+ or iPlayer

The Echo Show is back and bigger than ever. This 15.6-inch device mounts neatly to your walls and offers a fun and pretty useful way to use Alexa.

The large screen means you can pack it full with these widgets, or use it as a way to dig into the odd boxset.

The fact that it looks like a photo frame means it won’t look out of place in even the most style-conscious homes, and there’s the brilliant Alexa assistant to answer pretty much anything you ask of it.

At over £230 it’s expensive and we have some issues with screen quality and murky sound.

We’re also hoping Amazon releases a software update that adds more ways to customize the screen and speeds things up a bit.

Despite those complaints, we like what Amazon has created and with a few tweaks we’ve been able to see plenty of homes loving everything the Show 15 has to offer.

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