Amazon could have reduce costs on Apple AirPods, however this deal is even higher

If you’re in the mood for brand new wireless earbuds in your warehouse for Christmas, then it’s definitely worth a trip to the Amazon shop. The online retailer recently cut the price of Apple’s AirPods during its big Black Friday sales event, but with an early festive sale starting now, those massive savings are still available today.

That means you can pick up the impressive AirPods Pro, full active noise cancellation technology for just £ 189. Offer – That’s a saving of € 50 compared to the original price.

For those who don’t care about blocking out all of the sound around them, there are also the standard AirPods, which are currently only £ 99 – one of the lowest prices we’ve seen.

These are both really good deals, but Amazon doesn’t stop there.

The company just closed another big deal for Apple’s line of earbuds, with the Beats brand also getting a massive price cut.

This latest listing means you can pick up the brilliant Powerbeats Pro for only 159 € – You save over € 60. These wireless earbuds are perfect for those who want earbuds that feel more secure in the ears.

That’s because they have a loop that clips over your ear, making them less likely to fall out. In fact, if you’re looking for some buds to get you through your trips to the gym, you won’t find much better, especially since they also offer pretty loud sound and booming bass.

In addition to the unique design and impressive sound, the Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones also get the clever H1 chip from Apple for an improved connection with your phone and a long battery life on a single charge of around nine hours.

If it ever runs out, there is a portable tote bag that refills it instantly.

These Beats headphones come in a wide variety of colors, although only the black version is offered on Amazon.


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