Amazon Black Friday Offers: The perfect early Black Friday offers on Amazon proper now

Saver-savvy shoppers will know Black Friday is just around the corner, but they may not know that Amazon has already started and released some deals early – meaning they’re available now. Amazon has more than a million deals worldwide this festive season, with incredible deals dropping every day.

Amazon launched Black Friday in the UK in 2010 and has since led the way in delivering the biggest discounts on the widest range of products.

Black Friday 2020 is no different and here are some of the best purchases you can order right now, all with jaw-dropping discounts.

Shoppers are expected to spend thousands on this year’s sale trying to find a bargain before Christmas. rounds up the best early Amazon deals you can get your hands on right now.

The classic smart speaker from Amazon, Echo Dot, now with a dial.

The perfect accompaniment to a bedside table, you can set alarms and timers and show the time on the LED display – as well as all the functions you get with a normal Echo Dot.

MSRP: £ 59.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 38.99 – Save £ 21.00

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MSRP: £ 329.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 318 – Save £ 11.99

This shark vacuum was a popular choice for Prime Day buyers, and with 5 stars from over 3000 reviews, it seems to live up to the hype.

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With five speakers in one device, this device can produce clear and high quality audio while the smart speaker adapts to each room and optimizes the sound for the room.

Those with privacy concerns can sleep peacefully knowing that the device comes with privacy, including, but not limited to, a microphone button that electronically disconnects the microphones.

MSRP: £ 189.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 159.99 – Save £ 30.00

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Do you have some parts of your home that WiFi doesn’t extend into? This could be the solution. The eero 3-Pack replaces your router and covers up to 460 square meters.

In cooperation with your Internet provider, the eero establishes a connection to your modem so that the Internet can be reached anywhere at home.

MSRP: £ 249.00, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 149.40 – Save £ 99.60

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MSRP: 149.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 129 – Save £ 20.99

This multitasking machine works as a food processor and personal mixer, and is easy to use and durable.

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This 10-inch tablet is available in pink, blue, and purple and comes with one year of Amazon kids and a built-in parenting dashboard.

MSRP: £ 199.99 Black Friday Early Deal: £ 139.99 – Save £ 60.00

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Exclusive to Amazon, this smartwatch has voice control, sleep music and Alexa so you can quickly access news, weather and control of smart home devices.

MSRP: £ 199.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 129.99 – Save £ 70.00

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Enjoy professional-quality coffee from the comfort of your home with this fully customizable and easy-to-clean coffee maker.

MSRP: £ 199.99, Black Friday pre-sale: £ 139.99 – Save £ 60

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Monitor, configure and secure your network with this user-friendly management system.

This system enables you to provide power to network devices such as WiFi connections, security cameras and telephones and is perfect for large and small businesses.

MSRP: £ 199.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 106.99 – Save £ 93

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Do you love art, but don’t want to commit to just one piece? This Smart Art Frame gives you access to 30,000 pieces of art and update it whenever you want.

The frame also lets you use your own photos and works both vertically and horizontally, so you can change it as you like.

MSRP: £ 649.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 459.99 – Save £ 190

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This security camera connects to your mobile phone and alerts you when motion is detected and allows you to talk to visitors through the device.

MSRP: £ 129.99, Black Friday Early Deal: £ 108.99 – Save £ 21

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