All the January 2021 journal covers that we beloved and hated

After looking through the covers of the major magazines for 2020, we saw a significant increase in diversity. However, we are concerned that the ascent will be temporary. And after the look of the previously sunken covers from January 2021, we’re right.

So far, the vast majority of issues in January 2021 contain white-titled topics. There isn’t much diversity in terms of size and gender either. On the plus side, ELLE UK delivered a beautiful and groundbreaking take of a hugging Aweng and Alexus Ade-Chuol.

For most of 2020, magazines had to get creative with their covers. But the new year brings classic photo shoots back. Unfortunately, many of the photos show styling that is better suited for summer than winter. We also have great shots of model legends like Twiggy and Kate Moss. We just have to see what February 2021 brings.

See which covers made both good and bad impressions in the slideshow above.

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