All Gmail customers ought to test their inboxes NOW to keep away from paying new Google charges

Once things are full, Google will urge users to pay for more storage, which can cost up to £ 7.99 a month. Now you might be wondering what this has to do with your Gmail account and why checking your inbox is a good idea.

The new rules apply to all Google Accounts, with storage limits set for a number of services including Photos, Gmail and Drive.

That means your Gmail inbox and Google Drive are all over the 15GB limit.

As Google explains, “Starting June 1, 2021, any new photos and videos you upload will count towards the 15GB of free storage that comes with each Google Account or the additional storage you purchase as a Google One member Your Google Account space is shared through Drive, Gmail, and Photos. “

While an email is clearly not the same size as a photo taken on your smartphone, thousands of messages can add up and significantly affect your pocket money.

If you’ve received endless videos, PDFs, photos, and other files from friends and family, those too can clog your Gmail and bring you closer to that 15GB limit.

If an inbox is left unchecked for years, it can contain huge amounts of data and it might be time to spend a few hours cleaning it up thoroughly.

You can easily check how much space your Gmail and Drive accounts are using.

All you have to do is go to Google’s storage page, see here, where you will see a simple table that shows what each service is using and how much storage you have left.

When you get close to the limit and can’t delete anything, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee through Google One.

Prices for additional storage start at £ 1.59 per month for 100GB, £ 2.49 for 200GB, or £ 7.99 for a whopping 2TB.

In addition to the major memory change that will take effect next month, there is another major update that Google users should be aware of.

That’s because the US company says that Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive content could be deleted unless users follow new rules. Google made these changes to do some serious spring cleaning when users stop using these services and don’t bother to let the tech giant know.

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