Alexa will get quite a bit smarter as Amazon unveils new tips so that you can strive along with your Echo

Amazon’s Alexa assistant is already pretty smart at turning on lights, reading out the latest news and weather reports, setting timers, and more. For Echo owners, however, things will be even more advanced as Amazon announced an update that will make Alexa even smarter.

Hopefully with this latest upgrade, Amazon’s AI-based assistant will be better able to have more natural conversations with its human owners. The US firm says that by using a new machine learning system, Alexa “can conclude that a first question implies a subsequent query”.

This may sound complicated, but the results are pretty intuitive.

Amazon believes that these machine learning improvements will help Echo owners learn about new features or anticipate additional questions that may arise shortly.

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For example, if a customer asks, “How long does it take to cook an egg?”, The machine learning system follows that whoever asked for it may be looking to cook an egg. With the new feature, Alexa could answer the question: “Three minutes is a good start” and then ask: “Would you like me to set a timer for three minutes?”

Understanding when is a good time to keep reacting without becoming very irritating is a complex task. Alexa’s software engineers Anjishnu Kumar and Anand Rathi further explained, “Transitions like this seem simple, but under the hood there are a number of sophisticated algorithms running to detect latent goals, to formulate them into actions that are often different Include skills, and they uncover customers in a way that doesn’t feel disruptive. “

Clearly pleased with what they have achieved with Kumar and Rathi, Amazon adds, “We are excited about this invention as it supports the discovery of Alexa’s capabilities and provides added value for our customers.”

This upgrade will be rolled out in the US first with no knowledge of when the rest of the world will get access. While we wait to find out more, here are some top tricks and new things anyone can put on their Echo speakers.

Just ask, “Alexa, can we be friends? “

Alexahow can I make you smarter? “
Help Alexa answer questions about Amazon’s crowdsourcing Q&A platform: Alexa Answers. Learn more.

Alexatell me an animal fact “

Alexa, Start Knight Manager “
Will your knight be the most splendid of them all? Try this epic adventure game and try to become the strongest in the entire kingdom.

Alexa, give me a long word “

Alexa, play classic for yoga ”

Alexa, remember to feed the dogs “

Alexa, Come to the kitchen “
Drop In lets you instantly connect to the Echo devices in your account. For example, if you’re watching a movie in the living room, you can come from your Echo device or Alexa app to your kitchen echo to ask for popcorn. Learn more.

Alexa, tell me a banana joke “

Alexa, show my facebook photos ”
You can now personalize your wallpaper in the Echo Show with photos of friends and family from Facebook. To link your account, open the Alexa app, go to the menu and select “Settings”, “Photos” and then log into your Facebook account.

Alexa, stop reading in 20 minutes “

Alexa, give me a simple recipe for dinner. “

Alexa read a science fiction story “

Alexa, What can I say?”

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