Akon Changkou rocks Chanel on the duvet of Vogue Germany from March 2021

We experienced a lot of hits and misses last year when it came to Vogue Germany. Covers with Hailey Bieber, Toni Garrn and Nicole Atieno were rated as unsatisfactory, while covers with Anok Yai, Raquel Zimmermann and Irina Shayk appealed to us immensely. In December, Christiane Arp announced her departure from the high gloss, who concluded her term with an offer from Leni and Heidi Klum. Akon Changkou now graces the cover of the March 2021 title, fresh from Vogue Hong Kong. Taken by Julia Noni and styled by Nicola Knels South Sudanese Australian Chanel wears beauty for the eye-catching cover picture.


The cover received mixed feedback on our forums. “That is a nice profile. A different layout would have raised it more, ”said mikel.

“Nice to see Akon on a Vogue cover. However, the photo and layout do not match. It’s like looking at fan art, ”crmsnsnwflks repeated.

“Breathtaking portrait! It’s certainly better than most of their 2020 covers, ”said Benn98.

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MON was also not impressed with the art direction. “Breathtaking! I wish she would look in front of the camera because it says “look ahead”. I hate the art direction! Hate it. It needs to be increased seriously. “

“Very Vogue Paris (probably because of the color of the font) but beautiful nonetheless,” noted THD96.

“I don’t know why people like this, a generic photo of a generic model (by today’s standards). The lighting isn’t good either, but the styling is nice I admit. A more elaborate and clever lighting in combination with a better model would have resulted in a much more conspicuous cover, ”criticized dontbeadrag.

“Meh. Better seen and just reminds me of Karim Sadli’s portrait of Adut Akech for Chanel’s Cruise 2020 campaign, which was far more flashy. This is not enough,” added vogue28.

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