Airover is a futuristic new electrical bike that appears prefer it was designed by Tesla

Airover might look like something out of a new Tron movie, but believe it or not, this electric bike is available today. Developed by LA-based GoEV Corp, the Airover is a futuristic-looking electric bike that looks like it was made by the same minds as Tesla’s Blade Runner-esque cybertruck.

The Airover has a bulkier carbon fiber frame that’s cut at sharp angles. The design is pretty minimalist, with no colorful logos or graphics to adorn the frame. It doesn’t really look like anything else in the electric bike market. But the striking design is not a question of style over substance.

In fact, the unique design of the Airover means that the versatile two-wheeler can be used by the elderly and people with limited musculoskeletal functions.

GoEV Corp says the Airover’s design will allow you to maximize the customization of the bike for the characteristics of growth, shape, physical ability and legislative characteristics.

The low weight of the bike also contributes to this, with the frame weighing an almost impossible 2.3 kg.

The Airover is capable of a top speed of 45 km / h, but this must be limited to 15.5 km / h due to legal restrictions in the UK.

It is powered by a 750W motor, has a removable battery for easy charging and has an intelligent color display that provides important information such as speed, real-time performance and a battery indicator.

The Airover has an eight-speed Shimano gearshift, hydraulic brakes, three different riding modes and an impressive range of between 80 and 90 miles (depending on whether you use accelerator or pedal assistance).

While the thick tires of the bikes ensure that the Airover can be ridden over a variety of terrains. If you like the sound of all of this, there is one important thing to mention – Airover is not currently commercially available.

An IndieGoGo fundraiser is running for the airover with an early bird price of $ 2,699 / £ 1,984. This is compared to the full price of $ 3,999 / £ 2,945.

If you would like to support this project, you can visit the IndieGoGo fundraiser by clicking here.

The Airover is expected to be delivered to supporters this coming February.

On the reasons why you should choose the Airover instead of other electric bikes, the manufacturers said: “We are GoEV Corp. and launch a campaign for Indiegogo for the first time. But we’re not new to the electric bike industry and have been doing so since 2017.

“Our company that provides the best solutions for electric bike users. We sell electric bikes and try to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to switch to environmentally friendly vehicles with the best value for money. We only offer electric bikes, that we would choose for ourselves and our family. “

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