Adidas’ new marketing campaign performs Blackpink in essentially the most dreamy sorbet sneakers we have ever seen

The K-Pop group Blackpink accompanies Berlin-based roller skater Olumi Janta and multidisciplinary dancer Lucia Leonce together with London-based dancer Megan Charles for Adidas’ new “Watch Us Move” campaign, which includes the “RYV” collection of the Brand presented. This is the second time Blackpink has partnered with Adidas to promote a launch. However, the images for this energetic photo shoot are paramount. It’s not just about the sherbet-colored clothing and new iterations of Adidas’ famous sneakers Ozweego, Superstar, Choigo and Forum – it’s about the movement that was captured here. The women were all shot in a way designed to encourage creativity and freedom of expression.

The idea that all the topics presented come from different backgrounds and work areas speaks in particular that Adidas is committed to diversity, unity and representation in this campaign. The shoes that are at the top of your wish-list as soon as you see them really stand out. While they aren’t all on the site just yet, their prices range from $ 90 to $ 120 and you can check them out from different angles after the jump. Read on to see Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie lead the pack, and don’t miss the cute series of kicks at the bottom of the gallery.

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