A podiatrist, Instagram professional, and Mattel reply to the Barbie Toes Craze

Instagram trends can get weird, but before we mistake them for total loco, we like to take the time to research the hype. Right at the top of the chopping block today is the Instagram craze, which we like to call “Barbie feet” and which models, celebrities and fashion girls find obsessive favors. The idea behind this trend is to stand on tiptoe to elongate your legs and tense your muscles a little. It looks like you are wearing high heels with no shoes on. This positioning of the leg is almost identical to Barbie’s feet. Typically, this pose is accompanied by a swimsuit or summer fit, as these are the no-shoes occasions.

The hype is now confirmed (just scroll down to see all the Instagram evidence) so we reached out to three experts in different fields – a podiatrist, an Instagram expert, and a Mattel spokesperson – for further investigation. Read on to see what each has to say from their own point of view, and buy some shoes that appeal to Barbie feet for all those times when no shoes are not an option.

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