A irritating Sky TV glitch may very well be blocking YOUR recordings, however an answer is on the way in which


Sky TV customers were frustrated with an annoying bug that resulted in their set-top box showing the wrong time and not recording certain programs. The irritating problem first appeared when the clocks went back on Sunday as UK Daylight Saving Time (BST) came to an end.

Unfortunately, those with an older Sky + box still seem to be seeing the BST clock instead of the correct time, which is now an hour ago.

Sky’s community forums and social media are now full of users complaining about the problem with a customer named Paul Downes, saying, “Something is wrong with my Sky box when the TV guide is always on-screen is still set to UK daylight saving time or is it you?

While another named Ben Le Foe added, “Any reason my Sky + box doesn’t understand daylight saving time? Is there something I can do to … convince them? It’s annoying that it shows the wrong time.”

In addition to the wrong time, some customers also report that the recordings were affected by the breakdown.

Sky user @allijack posted a message on Twitter: “I know the problem with the time on my Sky + box, but this is now messing up my recordings, wrong programs are being recorded, others not being recorded at all. How long will it be before this Problem? Is it fixed? “

Sky has now confirmed that there is an issue with its Sky + service as the company is working on a solution that should be available starting tomorrow Thursday November 4th.

In a post on Twitter, Sky’s support team said: “Some of our customers with Sky + boxes continue to see UK daylight saving time on the Sky Guide menu. We regret this and expect this to be fixed on Thursday. Live TV, recordings and video-on-demand work perfectly. “

Until the fix is ​​released, there is nothing customers can do to fix the problem, so all you need to do is be patient and wait for Sky’s engineers to fix the bug.

It’s not just Sky + that is suffering this week as some users of the company’s new Glass TV are reporting issues with this brand new device that doesn’t require a bowl.

A number of early adopters have complained about delays in making recorded shows available for streaming.

While other Sky Glass viewers have left out their frustrations that shows, movies, and sporting events don’t go away on the playlist even after deleting them.

Speaking to Express.co.uk about some of the complaints surrounding Sky Glass, a company spokesperson said, “We have seen a lot of demand for Sky Glass since it was launched and we have had fantastic feedback from many customers. Some customers have reported flickering , and we have a software update planned for this week to fix this. As always, we’ll be following up with regular releases to add features and fix other issues.

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