A clear magnificence professional instructed me to order these 16 merchandise from Amazon

Nowadays we are more aware than ever of the ingredients we apply to our skin. The clean beauty movement had a lot to do with it in my case. Awareness is half the battle, and beauty brands pointing out what’s not in their products were a big wake up call for me to start reviewing labels. While admittedly my beauty routine isn’t entirely clean, I often find myself looking to add more non-toxic beauty products to my rotation, but I need help.

As you know, there are more clean beauty products to choose from these days than ever before. While this is great, more options mean a greater margin of error. So I turned to Manon from Csiky-Sessoms for a little guide. She is the founder of The Clean Beauty Code, where she posts reviews on new products and finds clean dupes on popular items. (She also has a YouTube channel where she really goes into detail.)

Amazon happens to be a treasure trove of clean beauty products from both mainstream brands and excellent under-the-radar products. Manon gave me all the info on her 16 favorite clean beauty products to buy from the mega retailer and you’ll want them all after you hear what she has to say. Keep scrolling to fill your cart with their expert recommendations.

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