9 informal autumn outfits that solely include the fundamentals

Casual autumn outfits? More importantly – simple, casual fall outfits? Register us. We have been taken by surprise by the contents of our own closets more than once, but there’s something about the colder seasons that makes us feel like we’ve been wearing the same thing for months. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a black sweater, vintage denim, and black ankle boots at least three times a week, we all know it’s the easy way to go.

Ahead we bring you the casual autumn outfits that you can put together in a few minutes. Combining comfortable go-to items – like a slip dress with a boxy blazer, a knit dress with chunky boots, or a cardigan with high-waisted jeans – could change your fall style for the better. Who are we kidding? It will definitely change it for the better.

Shop the casual fall outfits that fashion girls have worn this season.

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