8 Halloween costume ideas for mom and baby


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved Halloween. For me, it was never about the candy or the decorations. It was always about dressing up. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait until October came to take my first vacation with my little boy. Honestly, I could have thought of 20 Halloween costume ideas for mother and child. But here are eight cute costumes you can wear with your son. And since I’m a single mom to a little boy and two puppies, all of these costumes are easily suitable for both human and fur babies.

Curious George and the man in the yellow hat costume

Didn’t you love Curious George as a child? I know I did! This is such an easy Halloween outfit idea for parents and baby. There are lots of baby monkey costumes. I ordered a few and found this one to be the softest for my son (it has monkey feet but he got a little hot). Then all you need is a yellow hat and a yellow dress or shirt.

Safari guide and safari animal costume

My son has a neutral, safari-themed nursery. That’s why I thought safari animals would be so cute for him and his furry brothers for Halloween. Instead of a traditional Halloween costume, I ordered him a giraffe onesie to wear in the winter. Then I ordered wildlife outfits for my dogs and my mother’s dog. As for me? I had all of these things in my closet! All you really need is a utility jacket, neutral pants, and a hat to be a safari guide.

Princess and the Pea costume.

We named Preston Baby P when he was in my womb. So it’s very fitting that he’s a pea! His costume is so cozy and comfortable. As for the princess? I found this super cheap tiara online that looks way more expensive than it is. And this costume is a great excuse to add some wear to those evening gowns sitting in the back of your closet! If you don’t have one, I’ll introduce you to some princess dress options below:

Farmer and farm animal costume

This is an easy group Halloween costume idea for adults, kids, babies and animals! There are so many cute animal costumes online (I’ve listed some below that I’ve both used and others that I love). Instead of a costume, I actually got Preston a bear onesie that he can wear all winter long. And I made it into a bunny costume but added brown bunny ears from my last minute bunny costume from a few years ago. And you probably already have a plaid shirt, jeans and a hat in your closet!

Astronaut and galaxy costume

I had this star dress from my maternity shoot (it’s on sale now!). So I made a moon headband myself (keep scrolling to see how). Of course you can also buy one. And I turned into a galaxy with my little astronaut!

Frida and her monkey costume

I’ve already dressed up as Frida once. It’s a pretty easy Halloween costume. You just pile colorful pieces in your closet, lots of jewelry, red lips, and a flower crown (I made mine with real flowers, but I’ve included some pre-made ones below). To make this a mommy and me costume, simply get monkey ears for your baby and/or dog. The canvas is actually a teether toy!

Cow jumped over the moon costume

I have read “Goodnight Moon” to my son every night since he was born. So for our first Halloween together I wanted a sensible costume idea. This is how I imagined the cow that jumped over the moon. He’s wearing cow-patterned pajamas and a hat I made from a dog-cow costume. But there are plenty of cute baby cow costumes out there. I made this moon headband myself, but you can easily purchase one too!

King costume

This is a super fashionable Halloween costume that doesn’t require much! Simply use a dress you have in your closet (if you want a new one, I’ve shared my tulle dress below), order a tiara for yourself, and a crown and cape for your baby or pup!

I hope you enjoyed these costume ideas for mom and baby!

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Make your own moon headband

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