7 sustainability hacks from TikTok’s #NewClothes development

If we’ve learned anything from TikTok since it was catapulted to popularity during lockdown, you can learn almost anything from TikTok. Seriously. Those familiar with the video sharing platform have likely sat in the front row for fashion lessons, from reworking your sneakers with color to repurposing old bras into bralettes. ICYMI, the latest #NewClothes trend from TikTok, aims to provide you with even more style tips and tricks, all of which are based on sustainability.

Among other things, the app has become a one-stop shop for guides and best practices that you can use to spice up your wardrobe without going on a full-blown shopping spree. Everyone who is in favor of eliminating waste and protecting your wallets at the same time says: “Yes!”

While many TikTok sustainability tips include a DIY element, don’t fret if you’re not happy with scissors: tons of developers have proven that cutting and sewing isn’t the only way to get smart. Sometimes a change as simple as shifting the placement of your tank top straps, for example, is enough to revive a shirt you thought you were ready to take off. And don’t even get us on the insane trick of pants size (more ahead, of course). Whether you’ve already boarded the green train or are still making notes about how to build a greener cloakroom, there are enough tips to get you into gear right away. Who said sustainable fashion couldn’t be fun?

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