6 outfits that can make you’re feeling like you might be on trip even if you find yourself not

We live in unique times, and while past summers may have brought with them the longing for travel and the excitement of planned vacations, this year it’s a little more uncertain. Some of us don’t have tickets to tropical locations or plans to bask in the sun on a Mediterranean island, but there’s no reason we can’t still make the most of our resort cloakrooms.

From bucket hats to basket bags and bikinis to maxi dresses, many of the items that we call hero items on vacation are neglected in our everyday lives. However, this summer I am calling for that to be changed.

Whether you’re swapping your usual canvas tote bag for the raffia bag you take to the beach, or putting on an airy cotton maxi dress instead of your leggings and t-shirt combination in the morning, small changes can help bring the holiday feeling back home . to prove that you don’t have to save your favorite looks for special occasions. From brightly colored coords to white jeans to tie-dye t-shirts, below are six vacation outfit ideas that will look just as good at home this summer.

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