6 Contemporary Trend Developments From London Trend Week To Add To Your Wardrobe

London Fashion Week showed us how much the characters from our favorite series inspire the way we want to dress. The autumn / winter 2021 season in London is full of members who are fit for a royal court – harlequin fools, modern debutants and ballerinas who are also in a very bad mood. We’ve scanned 13 of our favorite collections from London’s most influential designers and selected six fresh fashion trends to update your fall wardrobe.

Bridgerton recently worked with the British Fashion Council and the fashion influence of modern drama is just beginning. We saw so many fabulous court figures at London Fashion Week in February 2021, from punk debutants with corsets in Vivienne Westwood to Nigerian eclectics at Tolu Coker and ballerina pink bustiers at Marques’Almeida. To keep these debutants entertained, collections have been filled with an innovative new version of the popular diamond print – the harlequin diamond. With Maximilian was Daniel W. Fletcher and Vivienne Westwood in 2021, the diamond print stood out like a lucky choice in a card game.

Childlike ballerinas at Molly Goddard and Simone Rocha danced confidently in tulle tutus and shoes with ribbons. But while Goddard continued with her signature tutus of dressed tulle, Rocha added a twist to this look with leather jackets and combat boots. Leather is always a classic choice for fall, winter, and even spring – especially when it’s vegan.

Leather in fall might mean biker jackets or Mac coats for some, but London Fashion Week aimed for a sleeker and more minimalist leather look. Maximilian’s two-piece mini-skirt set made of white leather is one of our favorite looks from Fashion Week, while fashion rebels will love the leather pieces at 16Arlington and real sophisticated people will see themselves in the chic leather outfits by Palmer // Harding. And if you’re just here for the color trends, we recommend thinking about the mint green pastels in Roksanda or the sparkling two-tone sets in Halpern.

There are six fall fashion trends ahead of us to add to our wardrobes.

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