5 Occasion Outfits Below $ 60 That I will Vibrate In By 2022


Excuse me, from here through January I’ll be stressed out about the plethora of Christmas party invitations that suddenly bombarded my inbox. Meeting up with friends, family, and co-workers over flavored drinks and sugary desserts is the easy part of unfortunately not figuring out what to wear for the occasion. And if you’re like me, you want to be extra special and conjure up a new outfit every time. I used to feel the need to spend big bucks every Christmas time on expensive sequined dresses and designer tops that I would normally never wear again, but this year I’ve decided to streamline my approach. This season, as well as sticking to a strict budget, I plan to invest in pieces that I can still wear after the party. It didn’t take long before I found the solution: Our in-house collection with Target, which specializes in affordable, trendy statement items that make a lot for the money. After a quick browse, I’ve put together five simple special looks that cover everything from a chic soiree to low-key home hangouts. For everyone else in the same boat – keep scrolling.

The easiest way to look expensive, and the easiest approach to a party look that will blow everyone else away, is faux leather on my shortlist of occasion outfits to wear this season. This coordinated set comes in two colors – a chocolate brown and a sleek black – so buy both and kill two birds with one stone. I plan to style this with dangling diamond earrings and pointy stilettos for a fashion girl vibe.

If I want to keep it simple, I like a dress. Now that the bulk of your outfit is done, all that’s left to do is think about the accessories. For that, I would go for over-the-knee boots and snakeskin hoops.

So the dress code is not a cocktail, but not completely casual? Here is your open invitation to fully embrace the coziness. The trick to being cozy without looking sloppy is to go for casual silhouettes in rich textures and thick materials. These velvet pants hit all of those points for less than $ 30. I can either wear it with a soft cable-knit sweater for a family get-together or with the matching velvet top for a company party.

It is no understatement to say that an outfit made of winter white will come across differently. There’s only a touch of sophistication that permeates when you manage to keep your outfit fresh (and spot-free) all night. For under $ 60, I love this subtle approach to a festive party look. The best part is that I can easily repurpose the top and pants for future winter ensembles.

My eyes were all over this coat too, taking things to a higher level.

I’ve owned a lot of expensive knit dresses, and this one rivals everyone in terms of style points. It comes in so many colors that I thought about buying this as a quick outfit option if time was of the essence. This deep burgundy red feels wonderful on the holidays, especially with shiny gold accessories.

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