5 issues all Gmail customers MUST know earlier than sending one other e-mail

When you use Gmail to send endless messages to friends and family, there are a number of tips and tricks you can use to speed things up, make email more secure, and even get things back if you accidentally post something. Here are five things every Gmail fan should know in order to be in control of their inbox.


If you want to send someone a message at a specific time or day of the week, you can easily schedule an email in Gmail. Just write your message as you normally would, but when it’s time to hit the send button, just tap the down arrow that’s in a box just next to it. This then opens the option to schedule a time and date of your choice.


We’ve all been through this. You hurry to send something to your boss and then discover that it is full of typos. Fortunately, there is a way to get a message, but it’s worth tweaking the settings so you have more time to check what has just been zipped through the web.

The default settings for Gmail’s “Unsend” feature are only five seconds, which really doesn’t leave you much time to remember the message. However, it is very easy to change this option and give yourself a little respite once something has been sent to a contact.

To change things, just go to the settings in your inbox and then tap on “Show All Settings”.

On that menu, tap General and look for the Undo Send option.

You can then just click the drop-down menu and toggle things from 5 seconds to a number of other time options including 10, 20 and 30 seconds. Once a message has been sent, you will see the option to undo the action in the lower left of the screen.


There is a new way to protect email in Gmail using what is known as confidential mode.

This new feature allows the sender to have complete control over what happens to a message once it lands in a recipient’s inbox.

Confidential mode can prevent an email from being forwarded to others and prevents anyone from printing or downloading its contents.

Another nice touch is the ability to set up authentication.

This means that an email cannot be opened without a unique text message being received and opened. To send a message in confidential mode, just click on the paddock with a clock icon at the bottom of the screen. You can change the settings, including the message self-destruct after a certain amount of time.


Not everyone likes this feature, but it’s worth trying out if you’ve never tried it before. Google’s Smart Compose basically guesses what you’re writing and fills in the blanks to shred email faster.

This option can really speed things up, although Google doesn’t always get things right, so it can be a little annoying.

If you want to try Smart Compose, just go to Settings and Smart Compose and toggle the typing suggestions on or off.


If you often send the same email message over and over again, there is an easy way to save yourself typing on the keyboard. With Gmail, you can create templates that can be used to send a message with just one click.

To set up a template, open Gmail, click Settings in the top right, then click Show All Settings. Then tap on Advanced and look for templates that then need to be activated.

After you’ve saved them, you can create a template by clicking Compose.

In this window, enter your template text, then tap More & Templates.

Here you can save your message so that you can use it at any time.

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