37 methods to put on dishevelled denims as a result of they’re again and ideal for cool outfits

If you don’t let bold silhouettes bother you and / or dress your body exclusively in super comfortable clothes, baggy jeans are undoubtedly an eye-catcher. With so much nostalgic fashion from the ’90s still on trend in 2021, from the triumphant return of the tube top to cardigans and chunky shoes, from sandals to plateaus, it’s no surprise that baggy jeans are currently a staple in the mix are. Regardless of whether it is a casual and deep straight leg (also known as “dad” jeans), a loose and tapered silhouette (this look is more of the “mom” jeans vibe, often with a high rise and narrow waist ) or a wide leg with raw hems or distressed details à la surfer and skater, there are baggy jeans for every aesthetic. Sporty, unconventional, minimalistic or a mix depending on your mood!

Baggy jeans have a “cool factor” that makes even the simplest wardrobe basics, from T-shirts and hoodies to blazers, feel fresh but chilled. They’re an ideal look for when you’re doing low-profile things like hanging out at home, taking a walk, or going to the grocery store. Hot tip: If you don’t want jeans to look super baggy, just go one size larger for a casual look.

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– Additional reporting from Hannah Weil McKinley

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