30 trendy Mom’s Day presents you can purchase for your self too, as a result of why the hell not?

Mother’s Day, of course, is a time to honor our mothers with gifts they love, whether we buy them in their stores or surprise them with something small and affordable that is nonetheless thoughtful. But it is also a moment for us to ponder everything that the strong women have taught us in our lives, and we dare say that mommy’s classes have expanded to include fashion if you are reading this.

This month we want to be open and honest with you: we will likely shop for ourselves while we shop for mom too. But we look at everything we buy through a mother’s lens and we get inspiration from exactly what we “put in the basket”.

Whether we’re exploring Kerry Washington’s new Aurate New York jewelry collaboration and buying a necklace for mom with a matching piece for ourselves, or picking up a graphic t-shirt with a print that reminds us of the love we share, it is a good reason behind every item on this list. Here are all of the products we have our eye on this May that seem more like treasures than anything, partly because they are incredibly stylish and partly because they warm our hearts.

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