30 recommendations on how one can costume up video requires the vacation season

The Christmas season definitely feels different this year. Many of our calendars are full of virtual Christmas parties instead of personal joy. One of the perks of turning on from home? You can be in sweatpants all the time and your boss won’t be the smarter (we have great loungewear suggestions too!). Still, we definitely recommend “bringing it”. Some of us look forward to dressing up on vacation year-round, whether it’s sequins or Christmas-themed sweaters, and this year it shouldn’t be any different! Above all, we need that holiday joy! Maybe you have a great ring light from Amazon’s Black Friday sale? It’s time to upgrade this style of dressing for the season from home. Did you know that linear shoulder grazing earrings can elongate your neckline in the frame? Or does that statement shoulders and sleeves take up a large part of the screen and add drama? We have these keyboard-up dressing tips and some great suggestions for you from the Banana Republic!

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