29 fall staples trending at Nordstrom (a whole bunch of consumers love them)

When I shop for myself or browse websites to discover gems for others, I often make Nordstrom one of my first destinations. As you probably know, the retailer stocks a wide range of premium items, from basics to designer finds. I always find it particularly exciting that on a certain product page you can often see how many other people are also looking at an item – in red under the product description. These high-audience pieces in question are more or less trending in some ways because you can literally see how many people are eyeing the item.

With that said, I figured it might be fun scrolling through the pages of the merch to find some fall staples that not only I like, but seem to interest other customers with hundreds of viewers together. Keep scrolling to see my curation. Perhaps you just discover an item (or two) to mix in with your fall offer.

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