28 New Years Eve make-up concepts we’re stealing from the runways

Images: Imaxtree

You’re right on the front of the New Year’s wardrobe, from the perfect party dress to the ideal shimmering footwear. Now is the time to focus on your New Years Eve makeup. (Which should be different from the vacation beauty look you want to rock on December 24th or 25th.) Sure, you could go the standard route with just a swipe of bright red lipstick or glittery eye shadow. But where is the fun?

This year our aim is to think outside the box. Especially since we all celebrate about Zoom so your makeup really needs to stand out. Try to focus the sparkle only on your eyes or lips instead of overdosing on glitter. You can also opt for holographic highlights for a more subtle shine. When it comes to lipstick, skip your lip color in favor of darker hues. Or go boldly with a diffuse effect. Pro tip: There’s never been a better time to try colored mascara.

Check out the New Years Eve makeup ideas that will impress you if you count to 2021 (for sure).

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