25 gadgets so lovely you will get them for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer and gourmet chocolate boxes have started to take over the aisles of the drugstore like clockwork. Fashion retailers also mark the holiday with shimmering jewelry and clothes in pink and red tones. It is definitely a time to show love – with actions, words and inevitably gifts.

No matter who’s on your list this year, Banana Republic has quite a few surprises for everyone and at any price. When you discover something you love, give your SO a not-so-subtle clue by sending them a link on this post, or get it for your loved ones or yourself. (Note: there are definitely some parts that are They should be worn on Valentine’s Day so plan ahead!)

To see the pieces in all their glory, just keep scrolling – you won’t be disappointed with heart-shaped earrings, glamorous dresses, and bags worth showing off.

– Additional coverage from Carrie Carrollo

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