25 actually cool and inventive winter outfits that mix consolation and magnificence


As temperatures drop, you may lose motivation to get dressed. We understand it, we experience it every winter. Cold weather can often feel like a challenge to our style, but luckily the combination of playful sweaters, nifty knit dresses, fluffy shearling coats and chunky boots proves to be the antidote this season.

You might be considering going back to the office this winter, or you might be leaving a few days a week. With the restrictions easing, we finally have reasons to update our previous rotation of tracksuits and show off our more polished silhouettes. Of course, we do not forego the comfort that we have cultivated over the last year and have put together 25 work ensembles that are guaranteed to make you look cozy and stylish. Braving the cold in style has never been easier, so keep scrolling for the outfit ideas to help you create a fresh new work wardrobe.

– Additional coverage by Nikita Charuza

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