22 Previous Navy Sherpas We Love (as leaving the home wrapped in a blanket is not an choice)


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Fleece is nice and so is flannel, but when it comes to the cuddliest fabric, Sherpa has to be one step ahead. The way the knobbed material looks and feels in cold weather is simply irresistible.

The exact style is up to you of course, but we’ve found a number of these pieces at Old Navy that we absolutely love, including neutral and bold colors. Maybe you want a tunic top for your favorite leggings, or maybe a hoodie that you can lace over jeans at the waist instead? We also found jackets with buttons and zippers. Regardless of whether you are thinking of a sweater or a coat, there is something in our favorites that suits you perfectly.

PS All of this comes with an additional 30 percent discount (with the promo code HURRY only until October 25th), so now is the time to create something soft!

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