21 million Android customers warned that their private info could have been leaked on-line

Android users are warned again that they may be at risk. Unlike many of the latest warnings showing dangerous apps on the Play Store, this latest warning comes after what appears to be a hugely popular VPN service being infiltrated by hackers.

As reported by Cybernews, it appears that three platforms were hit by the attack including SuperVPN, GeckoVPN and ChatVPN, which were believed to have all been targeted. A popular hacker forum is now selling the details stolen in the hack with around 21 million records that are believed to be available to the highest bidder.

If that’s correct, it’s a pretty scary prospect as the details stolen include email addresses, usernames, full names, randomly generated password strings, and even payment-related data. Cybernews has asked SuperVPN, GeckoVPN, and ChatVPN to comment on these attacks and whether the leak is real but has not yet received a response.

Users certainly won’t be happy if their data is leaked, especially since this is exactly where a VPN is used in the first place.

Cybernews explains, “One of the most important things about using a VPN is encrypting your Internet traffic and protecting your privacy from prying eyes from third parties such as ISPs, repressive governments or threat actors.”

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If you want to keep using this web access software, here is some advice from VPNpro.com to keep your security safe.

• Do I know this VPN developer or brand? Do you seem trustworthy?

• Where is the VPN located? Is it in a privacy friendly country?

• What permissions do mobile apps need? Do they actually need these permissions to function (like camera, GPS, microphone)?

• Free is great – but can you trust this VPN? There are some commendable free VPNs, or VPNs with free options, from reputable brands.

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