20 helpful summer season objects I store with our unique low cost codes

I don’t know about you, but lately I just want to buy summer clothes and beauty products. It’s a whopping 89º where I live today and that’s all the encouragement I need to go shopping for warm weather. But if you need a little more encouragement, I have some for you.

Receive exclusive discount codes and other perks when you sign up for The List’s free membership program, Who What Wear. The discounts change frequently and include a mix of fashion and beauty brands. Currently, the deals are 15% off Hill House Home (aka the house dresses I want to live in this summer), 20% off Alohas shoes, and 20% off everyone’s favorite brand for swimwear and more, Solid & Striped . The discount codes are different for each website and have different expiration dates. So be sure to read the fine print when you sign up.

Now that you know the details, scroll down to buy a selection of items I want for the summer (with a discount, of course).

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